Dr. Paul Anderson – Naturopathic Physician
1115 Liberty St. SE – Salem, OR

Dr. Anderson provides health care for the whole family. Integrating conventional and alternative health care, offering options to patients.

Family Health Care
Health care for all ages. Physical examinations, Well child, School and Sport Physicals, Injury care, Preventive health services.

Womens Health Care
Hormone balance, Menopause and Perimenopause care, Options for treatment, Birth control, Annual examinations, and PMS, are all areas treated in our clinic. Services available for all ages.

Because we offer both pharmaceutical and alternative medicines, we can create a custom plan for adressing your specific needs.

I.V. Therapy
I.V. Therapy available for many health needs. Chelation therapy, Macular Degeneration, Chronic disease treatments (CFIDS, Fibromyalgia, Toxicity issues, Hepatitis B and C, Vitamin and Mineral therapies. State certified I.V. therapy facility.

Preventive Medicine
Well person care. Lab screenings, EKG assessments, Cancer screenings, Nutritional Assessment, Heart disease prevention, Blood Sugar control, and many other preventive medical services.

Participatory Medicine
Refers o the practice of taking active control of your health with a holistic view. This means that preventative medicine, using trackers for finding signs of problems and optimizing your body to deal with it before things get worse.

Nutritional Assessment
The use of proper nutrition in the “big picture” of your health care program. Plans for wellness, weight loss, and integrated with medications and treatments you may already be undergoing.

Auto and Work Injury Care
Care for Auto and Work injuries ranging from basic assessments to rehabilitative care. Employing Medical care, Physical therapy, Manipulation, and other healing methods.

Auto and Work injuries are covered by different insurance than your regular health insurance policy. You have the right to seek any physician for care of these injuries.